I didn't know Esther well. She was a friend of friends. After she passed away, there was a box filled with snapshots she'd taken. Many were recognizable theatre celebs of long ago. Other photos were of her and others. Some photos had inscriptions on the reverse, which I've noted. Others had nothing. This box was destined for the trash bin. I saved it.

08 August 2009

And this card is, I think, the most telling. I'd imagine if Esther had had correspondence from Mimi, she would have put it into this scrapbook, so I'm presuming that this is the most Mimi ever wrote to Esther. Does the word noodge mean anything to you? Does Mimi's sentence come off as code?


askthecoolcookie said...

Oh, me likey this card. Its so simple!

panavia999 said...

What I imagine from the Mimi ephemera is that Mimi was the only celebrity, however minor, that Esther actually knew. Esther wrote to Mimi a lot, and Mimi was a poor correspondent but good with Holiday cards! 8-)