I didn't know Esther well. She was a friend of friends. After she passed away, there was a box filled with snapshots she'd taken. Many were recognizable theatre celebs of long ago. Other photos were of her and others. Some photos had inscriptions on the reverse, which I've noted. Others had nothing. This box was destined for the trash bin. I saved it.

06 September 2009

Preston Foster

with unidentified fish and man, or is it unidentified man and fish?


askthecoolcookie said...

Did Esther's things include the fish as well? Maybe it was offered to her for over her mantle and refused saying "I really, really regret that I can not accept it because I lack the proper mantle that would do it justice."

normadesmond said...

the cherry's been popped, my very first comment!

don't worry, esther had the mantle...and then some.

askthecoolcookie said...

If anything, I am loyal.