I didn't know Esther well. She was a friend of friends. After she passed away, there was a box filled with snapshots she'd taken. Many were recognizable theatre celebs of long ago. Other photos were of her and others. Some photos had inscriptions on the reverse, which I've noted. Others had nothing. This box was destined for the trash bin. I saved it.

06 September 2009

Dixie Dunbar

These are both marked "Shubert Yokel Boy 1939" on the back. That's Esther to the right(above, that is...below is someone far butcher than Zidel) , but I don't know who the cute, smilin' gal is. Do you? Well, I just did some hunting and I think this might be Dixie Dunbar. I found a page with photos of Dixie & I've pulled one off (top left), what do you think?

UPDATE: Just found the ticket stub & envelope on eBay & just couldn't resist snatching a copy for myself...can you blame me?

UPDATE #2: According to Time Magazine (Milestones), Dixie died quite young, December 20, 1954. Let's just hope Esther wasn't involved.

UPDATE #3: (2/3/12)
According to "Anonymous",
Dixie passed away in Miami Beach,
Florida, 8/29/91.


Anonymous said...

This is indeed Dixie Dunbar.

Your date of death is incorrect. She did not pass away until August 29, 1991 in Miami Beach, Florida.

normadesmond said...


I guess this should teach me a lesson, never
rely on Time Magazine for anything important!