I didn't know Esther well. She was a friend of friends. After she passed away, there was a box filled with snapshots she'd taken. Many were recognizable theatre celebs of long ago. Other photos were of her and others. Some photos had inscriptions on the reverse, which I've noted. Others had nothing. This box was destined for the trash bin. I saved it.

25 September 2009

Virginia certainly had lovely coats!


Mary said...

Wow what an incredible find!! Virginia is the best and my favourite of actress of the era. DO you have anymore photos?

normadesmond said...

thanks mary! you're right, virginia was terrific. i sure wish i had more to post, but alas, this is all i got.

Mary said...

Sad day :( This is any interesting blog, I'm getting ready to move to Boston/Sommerville for grad school to study Dramaturgy at Tufts. I'll have to check out this theatre. Not going to lie, her coats are fabulous and I think she knows it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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